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"Doorway To Norway" - Blu-Ray DVD

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Welcome to Norway - land of unparalleled
 beauty. In this video you will journey to the
 cosmopolitan capital city of Oslo and home to the
 spectacular Vigeland Park.

Across the mountains experience the coastal city of
 Molde. Due south, travel to Geirangerfjord with its breath-
 taking famous seven sisters waterfall. Explore Loen sur-
 rounded by glaciers and home to some of Norway’s oldest  farms.

 Continuing on in the fjords you'll experience Flåm where the journey will take  you on the world famous Flåm Railway.
 A short boat trip away visit the tiny village of Undredal where the goat cheese industry is thriving. Then off to Voss and the historic Fleischer’s hotel.


From Voss travel to the colorful harbor town of Bergen, one of
Norway’s most beautiful cities and rich in history.
The next stop is Rosendal. This area is known as one of the most beautiful parts of Hardangerfjord with narrow fjords and wild waterfalls. The journey ends in the town of Stavanger, the oil capitol of Norway and the gateway to the fjords, farms and mountains for which Norway is so famous.

Along the way we’ll stay at Norway’s oldest hotels where you’ll get a real feel for what traveling in one of the world’s most beautiful countries is like.


We hope you enjoy this doorway to Norway.

50min. playtime

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