Lefse Day (A childrens Book about Lefse)

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A must-have children's book for any family that cherishes or wants to learn more about the tradition of making lefse, a Norwegian flatbread. A simple story and stylish illustrations that take you through the steps of "Lefse Day." A one-of-a-kind gift that can be enjoyed by all as you introduce this tradition to members of the family.


Authors: Heidi Smith and Kari Throop are sisters who created a children’s book based on their shared love for their Norwegian heritage, specifically the love of Lefse, a Norwegian flatbread. They had a vision for a simple, clean style that is young and modern. Heidi designed the art for the book, simplifying traditional lefse-making images. The story takes you through the steps of making lefse, and they even included their family lefse recipe at the end of the book.


28 pages, 1/8" thick.

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