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Case dropped against Johaug’s doctor
Norway’s anti-doping agency has decided to drop its case against Dr Fredrik Bendiksen, the former doctor for the Norwegian national ski team. Bendiksen was the doctor who purchased a tube of lip cream in Italy and gave it to star skier Therese Johaug to use, without noticing that it contained a steroid that led to Johaug’s […]
Speeding politicians lose their licenses
Norwegian politicians are busy folks but that’s no excuse when they get pulled over by police for speeding. Police in both Telemark and the mountains of Sogn og Fjordane have revoked the drivers’ licenses of two Members of Parliament lately, after they got caught driving way too fast. Liv Signe Navarsete, former leader of the […]
Islamic Council loses its largest member
Norway’s largest Muslim organization has declared that it’s withdrawing its membership in the country’s Islamic council (Islamsk Råd Norge, IRN). The five largest members of IRN gathered for what newspaper VG called a crisis meeting Tuesday night, after IRN controversially hired a new colleague who wears a face-covering niqab to help handle communications. The Islamic Fellowship […]
Trial begins in prostitute’s murder
A 26-year-old Norwegian man from Hamar claimed he acted in self-defense when he stabbed Bulgarian prostitute Galina Sandeva to death in Oslo on December 16, 2015. He claimed when his trial began on Tuesday that he had bought the knife he used as a Christmas gift for his father. Sandeva’s body was found on the […]
Woman convicted for using trams as toilets
Norway’s tram and metro system has been dealing with an unusually messy problem for several years. A woman in her 50s habitually uses tram and metro seats as a toilet, despite being convicted of public urination and defecation on more than 100 occasions. Newspaper Aftenposten reported Tuesday that the woman has been convicted once again, […]
Warm sunshine set to fade
When Norway switched to daylight savings time (called sommertid) over the weekend, the timing couldn’t have been better. Along with the extra hour of daylight in the evenings, which now extends to around 8:30pm, came a sudden surge of warm summer weather but it may fade away soon. Residents of Southern Norway have been basking in warm sunshine since Saturday, […]
‘Not a good day for Muslims’ in Norway
UPDATED: A Muslim member of the Norwegian parliament, Abid Raja, was among public figures reacting negatively on Tuesday to news that Norway’s Islamic Council (Islamsk Råd Norge, IRN) has hired a new colleague to handle communications who covers her face and body with a niqab. Only Leyla Hasic’s eyes can be seen by those communicating with her, and […]
More drama at the Norwegian Opera
Norway’s Opera House in Oslo has become a national landmark, but sour notes are sounding once again inside the state-funded building that houses both the Norwegian Opera & Ballet. Soloists have demanded an urgent meeting with the Parliament’s committee on cultural affairs, while a revolt tunes up against the Opera’s new top administrator even before she starts […]
Top sports official forced to resign
Years of conflicts in his job as secretary general of Norway’s national athletics federation (Norges Idrettsforbund, NIF) finally caught up with Inge Andersen on Monday. The board of NIF asked him to resign after a recent flurry of marathon meetings, but he’ll leave with NOK 2 million in severance pay. That’s controversial in Norway, a country where […]
Police failed to respond to calls for help
A family living at Melbu in Vesterålen, just north of Lofoten, was terrified during the night last weekend when an unknown man suddenly began to bang on their front door and refused to leave. He repeatedly tried to enter their home forcefully, pounding on and rattling other doors as well, but when the family called police for […]
Solberg launches new research vessel
Prime Minister Erna Solberg officially launched Norway’s new marine research vessel, the Dr Fridtjof Nansen, in Oslo over the weekend amidst claims it will be used to share knowledge, competence and technology among oceanographers and fishing officials in developing countries. After spending the weekend in Oslo, where it was open to visitors, the vessel was sailing […]
Nightmare start for dream coach
The new Swedish coach of Norway’s national men’s football team was widely viewed as the best man capable of turning his young Norwegians into a dream team. He got off to a nightmare start on Sunday night, with a 2-0 loss in Belfast against Northern Ireland, but he was stoically positive the morning after. “We […]
Center partied all weekend long
NEWS ANALYSIS: Brimming with self-confidence as they head into the September parliamentary election, members of Norway’s Center Party gathered for a party indeed at their annual national meeting in Trondheim over the weekend. So bold has the anti-EU, anti-urban and anti-reform party become that it even stole the slogan of the rival Conservative Party that leads the current […]
Wild weather shines and storms
While Southern Norway basked under sunshine and blue skies in summer-like temperatures over the weekend, Northern Norway was hit by another onslaught of snowstorms and stong winds that disrupted traffic all over the region. State meteorologists predicted more of the same this week, while southerners may need to bundle up again as well. Many Oslo […]
New airline faced delay on take-off
A new airline that’s launching routes in Northern Norway, FlyViking, took off for the first time on Monday morning. Its first departure from Tromsø, however, was delayed by stormy weather that continues to hammer the far north. The airline’s maiden flight from Tromsø to Hammerfest was supposed to depart at 5:50am, with its founder Ola Giæver […]
DNB pulls out of Dakota Pipeline
Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, has responded to public protests and political criticism over its involvement in the highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline project in the US, by pulling out of the project entirely. Attention has now turned to whether Norway’s Oil Fund will do the same thing. “We have learned a lot from this issue,” said […]
SAS flight made an emergency landing
UPDATED: A Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) flight from Munich to Oslo had to make an emergency landing back at the Munich International Airport on Friday, after one of SAS’ Boeing 737’s engines stopped functioning. “It was terribly frightening,” one of the passengers on board, Camilla Sylling Clausen, told state broadcaster NRK. The flight took off at 1:14pm, […]
Unemployment declines, but fewer working
Both Norway’s employers’ organization NHO and its largest trade union confederation LO are warning against getting too optimistic about the decline in unemployment. A downturn in new job creation means overall employment is down as well. “These numbers can look good,” Øystein Dørum, chief economist at NHO, told news burean ANB after the latest unemployment […]
Statoil makes more big investments in Sverdrup
Norwegian oil company Statoil was busy handing out more large contracts this week, and raising spirits in the still-sluggish oil and offshore industry. This time the main beneficiaries were, once again, Aker Solutions and Kværner plus Siemens. Aker Solutions will deliver process platforms in the second phase of development on the Johan Sverdrup oil field, Kværner […]
Troubled Westerdals set for takeover
Westerdals, the private communications school in Oslo whose owners landed in trouble after claiming too much public funding and over-charging students, has been bought up by Kristiania University College for NOK 85 million. Kristiania will also assume responsibility for more than NOK 100 million in legal claims against Westerdals. Kristiania, owned by the Ernst G Mortensens Foundation, […]