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‘Wonderboy’ set to log huge gain
Jo Lunder, once dubbed the “wonderboy” of Telenor who later was arrrested on corruption charges, may still live up to his nickname. Newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN) reports that Lunder is set to profit handsomely from his brief tenure at the Norwegian tech firm Evry. Lunder spent just eight months serving as Evry’s chairman in 2015, from March […]
Expert warns of hazards in China
A Norwegian expert on digital security is worried about all the Norwegian business owners and executives now heading for China after diplomatic relations have resumed. Jack Fischer Eriksen warns about the risk of espionage and hacking, if security is overlooked in Norwegians’ zeal to strike new business deals. Norway’s largest business delegation ever was in […]
New plans unveiled for state ministries
SEE THE ILLUSTRATIONS: Norway’s complex of government ministries in downtown Oslo, known as Regjeringskvartalet, was heavily damaged and partially destroyed by a right-wing terrorist’s bomb in 2011. Plans have been underway ever since to recreate the heart of state government, with the latest proposals now going on public display. A jury will choose two of the following seven projects put forth by […]
Norwegian ministers stream to China
“I love China!” exclaimed Norway’s fisheries minister Per Sandberg after landing in Beijing this week. He’s leading a large delegation of Norwegian seafood exporters who see enormous potential in the Chinese market, and are overlooking human rights issues after a six-year diplomatic freeze finally thawed this winter. China may love Norway too, as long as […]
Cop charged with corruption ‘must be acquitted’
The high-profile defense attorney for Eirik Jensen, once one of the Oslo Police District’s own most high-profile officers, likened his corruption trial to a “fairy tale” based on speculation and no concrete evidence. John Christian Elden claimed that Jensen’s former informant who turned against him, hash dealer Gjermund Cappelen, simply can’t be believed. “‘Once upon […]
Police allow Nazi march in Fredrikstad
Police in the southern Norwegian city of Fredrikstad have decided to allow a Swedish neo-Nazi group to hold a demonstration against homosexuality this summer. The decision has upset local residents and government officials, and counter-demonstrations are already being planned. “Paragraph 100 in our constitution, the right to express yourself, is so strong in Norway,” Inge […]
Solberg defends expense of repatriating convict
Prime Minister Erna Solberg, faced with criticism over the state’s efforts to bring convicted murderer Joshua French home from Congo, defended the time and effort it took on humanitarian grounds. “This was all about a person who in fact could have died in prison there,” Solberg told newspaper VG. Norway’s foreign ministry even assigned some of its […]
Norway earmarks more aid to Portugal
Portugal’s outgoing ambassador to Norway is getting a nice going-away gift after her four years in Oslo. The two countries signed a new agreement this week regarding the use of NOK 900 million (EUR 96 million) worth of grants that Norway finances in order to have access to the EU’s inner market. Norway’s foreign ministry announced […]
Farmers bring their fight to Parliament
Around 3,000 farmers marched through the streets of Oslo and then assembled in front of the Parliament on Tuesday, to once again demand more state money to boost their incomes. They want subsidies and protection worth another NOK 1.5 billion (USD 181 million), to boost their pay by more than 9 percent. The pay fight […]
Members quit LO over Israel boycott
Norway’s largest trade union confederation LO has never seen so many members leave the organization because of disagreement over a single politial issue. In this case it’s LO’s recent controversial majority vote to boycott Israel that’s prompted more than 100 people to dump their membership in LO unions. News bureau ANB reported this week that the single largest […]
Solberg: ‘Don’t let terror scare us’
Prime Minister Erna Solberg called the terrorist attack in Manchester Monday night “gruesome and meaningless,” and said she hopes it won’t scare Norwegians away from concerts and other public gatherings. She sent her condolences to the UK and said it was “an incredibly sad day.” Solberg met reporters Tuesday morning after a suicide bomber killed at least […]
Population growth slows down
Oslo has been among the fastest-growing capitals in Europe for several years but now that growth rate, and the country’s itself, has slowed considerably. Much of it is a result of emigration and the falloff in refugee arrivals. State statistics bureau SSB (Statistics Norway) reports that Norway’s population grew by 8,829 people during the first […]
Greens want a shorter work week
The official work week in Norway is 37.5 hours, although most small business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and many others work a lot longer than that. The Greens Party wants to gradually cut employees’ work weeks down to just 30 hours, in return for foregoing pay raises. The Greens (Miljøpartiet De Grønne, MDG) wrapped up their […]
Viking ship tied up in bureaucracy
A full-scale copy of Norway’s famous Oseberg Viking ship, which has sailed around the historic city of Tønsberg for the past five years, is currently tied up right at the start of its busy summer season. With no specific registry for Viking ships in Norway, the Norwegian Maritime Authority (Sjøfartsdirektoratet) believes the Saga Oseberg is either a cargo or passenger vessel, and it […]
Military exercises underway in Arctic
Northern Europe’s largest air force exercises got underway in the Arctic on Monday, just as Norway’s Northern Brigade also kicked off a military drill in the area as well. The two are not connected and military officials have insisted that Russia should not view such exercises as a provocation. Newspaper Aftenposten reported over the weekend that the Russians, […]
New gondola wins a royal reception
Residents of Loen in the mountains around the Nordfjord could hardly have hoped for better promotion of their new tourist attraction this weekend. Under sunny skies and with snow-capped mountains at their scenic best, a new gondola built to lure more visitors to the area was formally opened on Saturday by none other than Queen Sonja. The queen, who […]
Greens vote to phase out oil industry
Members of Norway’s Greens party (Miljøpartiet De Grønne, MDG) voted at their national meeting over the weekend to work towards phasing out the country’s oil industry within 10 years. Oil Minister Terje Søviknes dismissed the move as “totally unrealistic” and “ridiculous.” Søviknes, from the conservative Progress Party (Fremskritts Partiet, FrP), went on to accuse the Greens […]
Corruption defendants fight jail terms
Former top Oslo cop Eirik Jensen and his alleged informer, hash importer Gjermund Cappelen, were gearing up to fight lengthy jail terms sought by prosecutors as their marathon trial ended on Friday. Jensen should be sentenced to Norway’s maximum term of 21 years in prison, prosecutors told the court, while Cappelen should spend 18 years […]
New union boss takes command
He’s already being called one of Norway’s most powerful persons: Hans-Christian Gabrielsen is the new leader of the country’s largest trade union confederation LO, responsible for around 900,000 union members in Norway, spread over 25 labour federations. That gives him lots of clout in a country where organized labour has deep traditions and commands respect. Gabrielsen […]
Hong Kong media tycoon survived helicopter crash
More details of last week’s dramatic helicopter crash off Bergen emerged on Friday, with the state accident report revealing that among the three men on board was Hong Kong media tycoon Charles Chan Kwok-keung. The South China Morning Post reported Friday that Chan was rescued and, along with the British pilot, suffered only minor injuries. The third […]