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Irritated Carlsen redeems himself
Chess champ Magnus Carlsen, who performed poorly at home in the Norway Chess tournament last week, made a strong comeback at the Paris Grand Chess Tour this week. That didn’t keep him from being irritated by a commentator’s criticism. The 26-year-old Carlsen had just won the rapid chess portion of the Grand Tour running through the weekend. He […]
‘Skam’ fans set to go on withdrawal
Fans of Norway’s international hit series Skam (Shame) were facing withdrawal this weekend, when the last show of its last season was due to be released. The series has been a monster success, generating massive interest both in Norway and abroad, and setting off a wave of copy-cat versions around the world. The series has sent the popularity of the names of […]
Brazilian leaders met by protests
Rainforest destruction in Brazil led to its environment minister and president being met by tough questions and protests after they arrived in Oslo for what was called “a working visit” on Friday. Prime Minister Erna Solberg was among those letting Brazilian President Michel Temer know that the Norwegians were not pleased. “I’m worried that deforestation in […]
Corruption concerns rise in local communities
Bribery charges tied to a series of construction projects in the city of Drammen have boosted fears that corruption in local communities is more widespread than believed. The charges in Drammen resulted this week in the third conviction so far. Th corruption scandal that has rocked Drammen, west of Oslo, continues to grow. Three people have […]
Prosecutor drops UD probe, for now
UPDATED: Norway’s state prosecutor (Statsadvokaten) was raising questions Friday about how the country’s foreign ministry (Utenriksdepartementet, UD) has handled a case involving the former Norwegian ambassador to Indonesia. The ambassador had secret romantic relationships with three Indonesian women during the course of his four years in the mostly Muslim nation, one of whom received NOK 1.4 million in […]
Stoltenberg hires new chief of staff
Jens Stoltenberg, the former Norwegian prime minister who went on to become secretary general of NATO, has once again appointed a Norwegian as his new chief of staff. Stian Jenssen, age 39, is taking over after one of Stoltenberg’s former Labour Party colleagues who’d moved to Brussels and was ready to go home. Jenssen, who’s been […]
Man gets maximum sentence for killing wife and her son
A 59-year-old man in Kirkenes, Northern Norway was sentenced Thursday to 21 years in prison, the country’s maximum term, for shooting his wife and her young son at close range where they had been sleeping. He appealed the conviction on the spot. The court ruled that the 12-year-old boy from Thailand was shot first in front […]
Money pours in for many
Lots of Norwegians are suddenly flush with cash this week. Not only did their mid-June paychecks include feriepenger, a non-taxable form of holiday pay, now they’re getting tax refunds as well. Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) reported that 2.6 million Norwegians were due for tax refunds after filing their returns in April. The money began flowing into taxpayers’ […]
Teenage double murderer faces 10 years in prison
The family of a 48-year-old woman in Kristiansand who was stabbed to death when she intervened in another stabbing while out walking her dog is protesting the relatively short prison term facing the 16-year-old murderer. “How do we know he won’t do this again?” questioned the woman’s husband. “He shows no signs of remorse.” The […]
NAV reports another dip in layoffs
Norway’s state welfare agency NAV reported this week that it received around 1,500 notices from employers of looming layoffs and furloughs in May. That compares to nearly double the amount received in the same month last year. The latest decline in layoff notices brought them to their lowest level in three years, following another decline in April. […]
More refugees arrive from Russia
Police in Norway’s northernmost county of Finnmark have demanded an answer from Russian authorities as to why they allowed six asylum seekers to cross the border into Norway this week. Norwegian authorities thought they had an agreement with their Russian counterparts on strict border control. News bureau NTB reported Thursday that the six asylum seekers, […]
Norges Bank keeps interest rates low
There was, as expected, no change in interest rates when the executive board of Norway’s central bank (Norges Bank) met on Thursday. The bank board kept its key policy rate steady, at 0.5 percent. That’s where it’s been since March of last year, and most economists and analysts had predicted there would be no change. […]
Norway threatens to cut Brazil’s funds
Norway has sent nearly NOK 7.5 billion (around USD 1 billion) to Brazil over the past nine years to help the country preserve its rainforests. Frustrated that deforestation in the Amazon has picked up again, Norway is now threatening to cut its funding, just as Brazil’s embattled president was arriving in Oslo for an official visit. Newspaper […]
Little boy gets surprise birthday guests
A five-year-old Norwegian boy named Egil who’s fascinated by the police and even has his own miniature police uniform was overwhelmed when two real live police officers arrived, in full uniform of their own, at his birthday party on Saturday. He’d invited them, but was dumbfounded when they actually showed up. His mother, Synne Aunaas, told […]
Paris pact ‘drowns’ in Norway’s oil
“This is crazy!” exclaimed the leader of Norway’s Natur og Ungdom (Nature and Youth) environmental organization on Wednesday, after the Norwegian government forged ahead with plans to open up more of the Arctic than ever before to oil exploration and production. Of the 102 new exploration areas to be offered next spring, 93 lie in […]
July 22 memorial moved to Utøykaia
The Norwegian government finally cut through several years of awkward and even ugly conflict on Wednesday, announcing that a new state-funded memorial to the victims of the July 22, 2011 massacre on the island of Utøya will now be built at the ferry pier serving the island, called Utøykaia. A memorial design that had won an international competition […]
Solberg delivered, but on the defense
NEWS ANALYSIS: Prime Minister Erna Solberg could rightly point out this week that her conservative government coalition with the Progress Party has delivered on as much as 75 percent of their campaign promises in 2013. Re-election in September is nonetheless far from guaranteed, since the effects of their reforms aren’t yet being felt and Solberg must constantly remind […]
Rash of car fires sparks major probe
A police helicopter flew over Oslo during the night after eight more cars burst into flames around the city’s east side. Car fires, which also have blazed in Swedish cities, have spread to Norway and may be tied to earlier bursts of vandalism and violence against emergency crews. “We are putting a lot of resources […]
Laughs die down over police on Twitter
Not everyone is laughing over how the Norwegian state police write humorous messages when reporting their various duties. They’ve been hailed over the years for their creative use of the social media site Twitter, but now some think they’re crossing a line. “Metro station in Oslo Sentrum,” reported the police in one so-called “tweet” last spring. “A passer-by […]
Scolded ambassador could face charges
Norway’s former ambassador to Indonesia was stripped of his title late last year and recalled to Oslo, after he was found to have been involved in supplying foreign aid funds to one of three mistresses he had in Jakarta. He still works as a diplomat for the foreign ministry in a high position, newspaper VG reported […]