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Norway News

Sigrid sang for 3 million Americans
A 21-year-old singer from Norway’s scenic coastal town of Aalesund, who simply calls herself “Sigrid,” scored a sanding ovation Tuesday night on the US’s popular Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. It was a major breakthrough for the young Sigrid Solbakk Raabe, who hates makeup, favours blue jeans and just want to spread her music. Host Jimmy […]
King Harald put on sick leave
King Harald V, Norway’s 81-year-old monarch, is on sick leave through the end of this week because of what officials at the Royal Palace called “strain and pains in one of his feet.”  Crown Prince Haakon was taking over official duties as regent from Wednesday. The palace wouldn’t elaborate on the brief press release issued […]
Concerns rise over border control
Alleged understaffing at Norway’s border patrol stations is raising concerns over border control. Members of Parliament, police and officers at the customs agency itself (Tolletaten) are sounding alarms. “I’m very worried,” Arve Sigmundstad of the Labour Party told news bureau NTB. He claims that customs agency employees have contacted him, since he represents the Østfold district […]
Yarn sales keep spinning
It wasn’t just the long winter that kept Norwegians knitting; Sales of yarn keep climbing as the country heads into spring. “I have a friend who loves to knit, and every time she comes to visit, she sits there knitting,” Viyan Tarin, who’s just started knitting herself, told newspaper Dagens Næringsliv (DN). “She encouraged me […]
Dog-sledding hits new highs
Norway had a long winter with lots of snow that attracted tourists from far and wide, and many apparently wanted to go dog-sledding. After a record-breaking season, it seems a majority of visitors want dogs to carry them over the tundra. “We’ve had the best winter season ever,” Ida Nilseng of Husky Tours at Sjusjøen […]
Northug can’t afford more trouble
Norway’s bad boy of skiing, Petter Northug, has been duly warned: His return this week to the national ski team must not be jeopardized either by bad behaviour or spending too much time training at high altitude. “There’s no doubt he drove himself hard at high altitudes,” Northug’s new coach, Arild Monsen, told state broadcaster […]
Pushwagner leaves an artistic legacy
Terje Brofos, better known by his pseudonym Hariton Pushwagner, clearly left his mark on Oslo and internationally. The artist was even being compared to Norway’s Edvard Munch after he died during the night on Tuesday after a struggle with lung cancer. Pushwagner was being hailed as one of Norway’s most important contemporary artists whose life […]
Search continues for missing student in South Africa
Police and emergency services in the beach town of Sedgefield, South Africa have been searching for days for a young woman from Stavanger who’s a student at the prestigious Sciences Po Toulouse in France. Marie Sæther Østbø disappeared while on a trip with fellow students and police fear she’s drowned. The 20-year-old Østbø never returned […]
Job satisfaction: How it shapes identity
After several difficult years following the collapse in oil prices, Norway’s job market is picking up again. Nicola McCaffrey, a clinical psychologist based in Norway’s hard-hit “oil capital” of Stavanger, has helped clients tackle the pain of a job loss and thus pondered the importance of just how much our work can mean to us. […]
Palace official quits under a cloud
Norway’s Royal Palace sent out a brief press release on Monday, reporting that a top official who has overseen many palace renovations and building projects over the years had resigned his post with immediate effect. The resignation came after an unspecified violation of the Palace’s internal guidelines. Ragnar Osnes, who carried the title of slottsforvalter, […]
Sp’s deputy leader suspends himself
A sexual harassment scandal that has badly tarnished the reputation and credibility of Norway’s Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp) has prompted one of the men directly involved to suspend himself as the party’s deputy leader. Ola Borten Moe, who’s also a former Norwegian Oil Minister, says it’s become “impossible” for him to carry out his duties […]
Berg fears he was duped into spying
Defense attorneys for retired Norwegian border inspector Frode Berg told newspaper Dagbladet on Sunday that Berg has now admitted he more than likely was in Moscow last December for Norway’s military intelligence agency known as E-tjenesten. Norwegian officials remain silent, while Berg himself sits in a Moscow prison, charged with spying. Berg was arrested in Moscow […]
Trygve gets tough with Sp’s ‘bad boys’
Faced with a torrent of criticism for displaying poor leadership, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum is now talking tough as head of the nationally embarrassed Center Party (Senterpartiet, Sp). He’s vowing to report eight of the party’s top male politicians to the police, plus two others, if none of them admits by Wednesday to sending an obscene […]
Bad weather spoils season’s last race
Norway’s traditional last ski race of the season this weekend, a mountain classic known as Skarverennet, was supposed to have been an eagerly anticipated battle of the superstars and a grand finale for Marit Bjørgen. Strong winds and poor visibility ended up cancelling it, also for the 12,200 others who had signed up to take […]
China’s envoy talks tough on trade war
Wang Min, China’s ambassador to Norway, was traveling around the southern portion of the country this week when he spoke warmly about trade between China and Norway but launched a tirade against the US. If US President Donald Trump wants a trade war, the envoy said, he’ll get it, “and China will fight to the […]
Avalanche danger raised to ‘extreme’
For the first time ever, state authorities raised the danger for avalanches to “extreme” in wide areas of Nordland County. Warnings were up all over northern Norway for people to stay away from all steep areas through the weekend. “Stay home” was the message being sent out by police on Friday after Norway’s state agency […]
‘Russ’ drop premium for sex in roundabouts
Graduating high school students known as russ have decided to drop one of their many dubious distinctions handed out during their spring partying season. They’ll no longer award a knot in the tassels of their student caps for having sex in a roundabout, at least not in the inland community of Ringsaker. The russ (roughly pronounced […]
Stoltenbergs delve into family’s loss
Nini Stoltenberg was the daughter of top Norwegian politicians and the sister of a prime minister, who now heads NATO, and a doctor who leads Norway’s health directorate. They’re still wondering, along with many others, how she could have become a heroin addict who died at an early age, so her father asked one of […]
Speed traps halted hundreds
Norwegian police warned they’d be setting up speed controls all over the country this week, but not everyone got the message. A total of 799 drivers were stopped and fined on the spot after being caught exceeding the speed limit. “This is a high number,” Roar Skjelbred Larsen of the state highway patrol told Norwegian […]
Several cities report bad air quality
Icy streets and sidewalks during the winter prompted city maintenance crews to strew them with lots of gravel and sand so they wouldn’t be so slippery. That, combined with a lack of rain in recent weeks, has sent air quality levels up to “red alert” levels in several Norwegian cities, including Oslo. The pollution wasn’t […]