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‘Lommedalen’ trial postponed
The state’s case against a mother who’s charged with failing to avert her daughter’s death by starvation was postponed for a week on Tuesday, after the mother herself all but collapsed in the courtroom. She was later admitted to a local hospital, apparently suffering from exhaustion. Defendant Camilla Lem Heggelund was driven away from the […]
Minister survives Center’s attack
Climate and Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen survived an effort by the anti-wolf Center Party to unseat him on Tuesday. The Center Party ended up as a target of massive criticism itself after insisting that Helgesen allow at least 32 more wolves to be shot, even though the Justice Ministry claims that would violate Norwegian law and international conventions.  […]
Terror suspect held in custody
A 17-year-old boy caught with an explosive device in downtown Oslo just before Easter was ordered held in custody for at least another two weeks on Monday. Investigators say their suspicions that he was planning a terrorist attack have been strengthened. Kathrine Tonstad of state police intelligence unit PST, which took over the investigation, told Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) […]
Thousands wanted a turban
An estimated 20,000 people stood in lines for hours during the weekend for the chance to get a turban, even a special “Oslo turban,” on what’s become an annual tradition in the Norwegian capital: Turbandagen (Turban Day). The event is sponsored by a non-profit organization called Turbandagen that was organized by Sikhs in Oslo who wanted to […]
Heavy snow delays airline traffic
The surprise spring snowstorm that snarled vehicular traffic around eastern and southern Norway on Monday was also causing serious delays in airline traffic at Oslo’s main airport at Gardermoen. Buses serving the airport were also running way behind schedule. Airport officials said OSL Gardermoen was operating at half-capacity because of the sudden need to clear snow […]
Snow and sleet spark traffic accidents
Police all over eastern and southern Norway were urging motorists against driving on Monday, as snow, sleet and rain poured down following weeks of warmer, sunnier weather. The surprise storm even sent a school bus sliding off a road in Røyken, west of Oslo, and traffic came to a standstill in many areas. Most all […]
‘Fog lifts’ as Labour turns to the center
Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre fended off criticism during the weekend that he’s been vague and unwilling to take firm stands on important issues. He failed, however,  to quell criticism, also within his own party, that he’s catering far too much to the interests of potential centrist partners in his zeal to become prime minister. Støre […]
Lommedalen tragedy unfolds in court
More than 70 people will be testifying in a courtroom in Gjøvik over the next four weeks, as the mother of a 13-year-old girl from the Oslo suburb of Lommedalen defends herself against charges that she let her daughter starve to death. State prosecutors claim she failed to get help for her daughter and actively […]
‘Russ’ season gets off to a violent start
Norway’s annual “russ” season, during which graduating high school students engage in hard partying, is now in full swing after the Easter holidays. Police from Bærum in the south to Finnmark in the north had to deal with wild parties during the weekend, and a large gathering in Bergen that went completely out of control. Norwegian Broadcasting […]
Two artists laid to rest
Norway’s cultural world lost two well-known artists during the Easter holidays and they were both laid to rest on Friday. Frans Widerberg was described as “a giant” in the art world, while Knut Borge was a jazz expert and fixture on Norwegian television during the past few decades. Queen Sonja, an artist herself, was among […]
State finally saves its National Theater
Norway’s historic National Theater in Oslo is in such bad shape that tarps and scaffolding have been set up around it, to keep its crumbling facade from hitting passersby in the head. After years of neglect, the government has finally announced a major renovation of the theater known as playwright Henrik Ibsen’s house. One can only wonder what Ibsen, […]
DNB: Economic optimism has returned
The investment banking arm of Norway’s biggest bank has reported a much brighter economic outlook for the country than that described by politicians trying to oust the conservative government. DNB Markets believes the oil industry crisis is letting up, unemployment rates are declining and gross national product is on the rise. The outlook is brighter than […]
Police register big rise in hate crimes
Oslo police registered 176 reports of what they classified as “hate crimes” in the Norwegian capital last year. That’s triple the number registered in 2013 and police are encouraging victims to continue reporting such offenses. “We’re actually satisfied that the number of crimes reported has tripled during the past three years, from 55 in 2013 […]
Støre blasts Solberg in opening address
Jonas Gahr Støre mounted what some commentators called “frontal attacks” against Erna Solberg’s conservative government coalition when he opened his Labour Party’s annual general meeting on Thursday. Støre wants to take over Solberg’s job, and he declared from the podium that the rival Conservatives and the Progress Party have “taken Norway in the wrong direction.” It […]
‘Catastrophic’ polls as Labour gathers
NEWS ANALYSIS: Labour Party leader Jonas Gahr Støre faced what some commentators, even in the pro-Labour press, were calling “catastrophic” public opinion polls as he gathered 300 party members for their important annual national meeting this weekend. Støre desperately needs to rally his troops and fend off too much compromise if he’s to succeed at becoming […]
Norway won’t lift Russian sanctions
Norwegian Trade Minister Monica Mæland, who just returned from a conciliatory trip to China, was off on another mission to Russia this week, but there the tone was different. Mæland disappointed business and industrial officials when she confirmed that Norway has no intention of lifting its economic sanctions against Russia, at least not yet. “Sanctions against Russia […]
Wolves’ saviour faces ouster
UPDATED: Environment Minister Vidar Helgesen from the Conservative Party faces a lack of confidence vote in Parliament, after he halted a wolf hunt approved last year by the Parliament because the justice ministry deemed it was illegal. Now the anti-wolf movement led by the opposition Center Party plans to order Helgesen to change current regulations to allow shooting […]
Oil Fund pumps up new tax principles
Norway’s huge sovereign wealth fund, which has become a powerful investor around the world, is now launching what some call “a little revolution” in tax principles and transparency. Popularly known as the “Oil Fund,” it has released an “expectation document” that basically asks the companies in which it invests to improve their tax morals and pay more tax where […]
Organized begging unleashes anger
UPDATED: Officials from both ends of the political spectrum said they were angered and sad after state broadcaster NRK revealed Tuesday night how many Romanian beggars in Norway appear to be part of criminal organizations that also engage in prostitution, theft and drug dealing. The Romanian men in charge even flaunt ill-gotten gains on social media, including lots […]
Banks set up ‘digital defense center’
Nordic banks have agreed to mount a common front against cyber attacks, in the form of what they’re calling a “digital defense center” based in Oslo. The effort will build on the Norwegian finance industry’s competence center, Finans-CERT. It was established by the banking and insurance companies’ trade association Finans Norge in 2012 to help defend the […]