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About Us

There is a large number (more than 10 million) Scandinavians and Americans of Scandinavian decent living in the United States. That simple fact inspired the foundation of NorHouse, back in 1997.

The concept of family is important to these hospitable nations. When invited to a Nordic home, your hosts will do everything they can to make you feel welcome. That’s exactly how we want you to feel when you visit our house - NorHouse.

NorHouse is a "Superstore". Our store includes a growing group of merchants. We have products from all the Scandinavian countries. These products have long been recognized for their unique quality and excellent taste. The combination of tradition and innovation will make NorHouse one of your favorite shopping experiences.

NorHouse is more than an Internet store. We are bringing you information on the Nordic influence. Things like Nordic specialties, the Nordic lifestyle, our people and our national character. We also have updated news in English and links to Scandinavian Newspapers.
Nordic Products and beyond. Whether you are Scandinavian born or a born-again Viking, we hope you’ll find NorHouse a home away from home. NorHouse is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are as close as your desktop or laptop.

If you have suggestions on what you’d like to see on our web-site, simply contact us by e-mail at

If you are a merchant who wants to become partner with NorHouse, an organization for whom a partnership sounds exciting, or an advertiser who recognize the opportunity here, please get in touch with is a NorHouse Inc company, a registered Delaware C-corporation.

For customer service and technical services please e-mail us at

Or call +1-301-467-2500. (8:00AM to 5:00PM Eastern Time)