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Nordic Countries


denmark_preview.jpgSay 'Denmark' and many Americans will reply design, pastry, Legoland, Victor Borge, and most of all, Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen. Britons would probably reply cheese beer and bacon, Denmark's important export products. Norwegians, perhaps still chafing from the long period of Danish dominion, claim that Denmark's fertile soil was scraped from Norway by glaciers. All agree that Denmark is a country to be reckoned with in the future.  


  norway_preview.jpgThe Midnight Sun that gets neighbors visiting each other in the middle of the night. The Northern Lights that blaze across the heavens on a winter night. The picture-perfect fjords that wind their way into the country from the coast. The Norwegian mountains that change as the contours of the coast wind north. The four seasons that are forever changing the landscape. Fish that gleam in the rivers and lakes. The idyllic islands and skerries along the south coast. And the dramatic North Cape way up north. norway_flag.gif


sweden_preview.jpgSweden's location at the very top of the world and its roughly 2000 km long north-south axis, boasts an exceptionally wide variety of local climates and seasonal variation throughout the year. This provides visitors with a surprising diversity of natural and cultural wonders, including numerous World Heritage sites. Sweden is a genuine year-round holiday destination.