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Port of Call - Stavanger, DVD

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Stavanger has been called Norway’s biggest “little town”. As the oil capitol of Norway it is a thriving metropolis that can boast its inclusion as a European Capital of Culture. But it also retains its small town feel where traditions hold firm and familiar faces are the norm. Stavanger combines an international atmosphere with old world charm. Visitors by boat find themselves in the center of it all. Just steps from the harbor is “Old Stavanger” where small wooden houses, some over 300 years old tell a tale of Stavanger from long ago. Narrow cobblestone streets wind their way through the center of town where pedestrians are king. The Stavanger Cathedral looks down onto the market where local farmers sell their produce. Everywhere are people on foot and bicycle, shopping, visiting, dining and enjoying their city. Just minutes from the city is the beautiful Lysefjord and the famous Pulpit Rock. From the raw and rugged coast to the lush green of an immaculate farm; from the grandeur of a towering fjord wall to a cluster of wild blueberries growing in the dappled shade of the birch; from a serene mountain lake to the harbor filled with boats and celebrations, everything is within reach.

DVD 30min.


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