FåriKål (Lamb and Cabbage)

FåriKål (Lamb and Cabbage)

Posted by C. Syversen on 17th Sep 2018

FåriKål (LambinCabbage)

Fårikål is Norway's undisputed national dish - voted by NRK Radio listeners 40 years ago. The dish is both for home cooking as well as party food, and tastes even better the day after... 

And one thing is for sure: FåriKål is the best reason in the world to gather family and friends for a real feast around the steaming pot!


4 servings

3lbs stew meat of lamb 

3lbs Cabbage

4ts whole pepper

2ts salt

1.5 cups water

This is how you do:

1. Cut cabbage in boats

2. Place meat and cabbage in layers in a pot. (Meat on the bottom, with the fat down)

3. Add salt and pepper between the layers 

4. Add water, bring to boil put the lid on and turn the heat down. Let the meat simmer until the meat is tender. (until it comes off the bones) approx 2.5 hrs.

Serve steaming hot with boiled potatoes

Velbekomme ;)