Scandinavian Buffet

Scandinavian Buffet

Posted by C. Syversen on 13th Nov 2018

So Thanksgiving is around the corner. We are gathering with families and friends. And usually you are asked to bring a dish. Or maybe you are having a buffet lunch at your own house. Of course the turkey gets centerpiece, but you know the reactions you would get by serving Smoked Salmon, Deviled eggs with Kaviar, Meatballs etc.

Here are some suggestions from us, for what you need: 

Meatballs shop here

Marinated Salmon shop here

Smoked Salmon shop here

Fish balls shop here

Mills Kaviar shop here

Herring both Mustard and Traditional

Cheese Get it

Potato Sausage Shop here

Do not forget the candy

Hope you got some good ideas, and please - share pictures of your Scandinavian Buffet